How to improve battery life in Micromax Yu Yureka

The battery life in Micromax Yu Yureka has mixed reviews after updating lollipop and this may be because of individual settings and usage .

Android Trust team listing some good geeky tips to give boost to your battery in Micromax Yu Yureka :

1 . It’s best to factory reset your device after updating lollipop , This will fix random and miscellaneous bugs including battery fixes .  (This fixed the battery woes for maximum no. of users after updating their software version)

IMPORTANT: By performing a reset, all data will be erased from the device. Make sure to backup everything you need , While any data stored in your Google Account will be restored, all apps and their associated data will be uninstalled. To soft reset YU Yureka go to Settings > Backup and Reset and tap on Factory data reset. This method will erase all of your settings and apps only, it won’t erase the files stored on internal storage, but it is still recommended to have a backup of the files, so it comes in handy if files are accidentally deleted.

After resetting your device, you’ll need to re-enter the same information requested when you first set it up. If you’ve been backing up your data to a Google account, an option during the setup process allows you to restore it.

2. Turn off Bluetooth and Location

Bluetooth should never be kept running when you’re not directly using it. Location is a little trickier because it is used for a number of apps and services. Turn it off, and if you are rarely/never asked to switch it back on, you will know you have made the right choice.

androidpit nexus 5 battery tips nfc bluetooth location

3. Learn how to find your power hogs. Go to Settings»Battery and look at the list that’s displayed there. This shows app power usage since you last unplugged your power cable, so it’s most informative to look here at the end of a typical day’s usage.typical day’s usage.

4. Hit your Play Store icon. Click the three-bar menu at the top left. Select “Settings” near the bottom.
Under “Auto-update apps,” choose “Do not auto-update apps.” (Why? Because that “feature” uses battery juice to download and install stuff whenever it feels like it, instead of whenever you say.)
On the same page, under Notifications, make sure “Apps updates available” is checked. That way you will know if something needs updating.
On the same page, uncheck “Add icon to Home screen for new apps.” Because it’s annoying, not because it uses battery.

5. Go to your phone’s Settings.
Choose “Wi-Fi”.
Tap the three-dot symbol at top right.
Tap “Advanced.”
Make sure “Scanning always available” is unchecked.

6. In Settings, under Sound and Notification, go to “other sounds.” Uncheck “Vibrate on touch.

7. If you don’t often use Google now then go ahead with some Google now settings

From your main home screen, swipe left until you get to the Google Now screen.
Tap the three-bar symbol at top left.
Choose Settings.
Choose Voice.
Choose “OK Google” Detection.
Uncheck both “from the Google app” and “From any screen.”

What’s your favorite tip for saving battery life on the Micromax Yu Yureka ? Let us know in the comments below.

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