Android Marshmallow : What’s new in the next major version of Android

Google officially revealed the name for Android M and that’s Android Marshmallow and it will be released for public later this year . While Lollipop was more of design but Android Marshmallow will be more polished with thousands of bugs fixes and stability .

Lets check what’s the new features coming with Android Marshmallow .

1 – App permissions (Best)

When we install apps from playstore we have to accept all permissions and have to use that way and there was no way to reject any permissions , But now with Android Marshmallow we will get to control each permission , Whether it’s contacts,sms,camera,microphone and etc.

2. Doze mode to increase battery in standby time (One of the best)

New version of Android shuts down processes in certain apps to reduce battery drain ,the new feature uses motion sensors to detect when a device hasn’t been moved for an extended period. Android will then automatically shut down processes for certain power-hogging apps, which should significantly extend the device’s battery life.

3. Fingerprint Scanner

Google is opening the necessary APIs to allow developers to add fingerprint support with any app. That improved biometric authentication will also be extended to Android Pay to authorise payments and not only to unlock phones, but to make purchases shopping in real-life or within Play Store apps. and Of course, your device will need a hardware fingerprint scanner to begin with, but with Google’s full support, expect to see these appear on many more devices in the future.

4.  Android Pay

Android Pay will allow users to pay via their Android smartphones in stores or even in Android Pay partner apps. The new system will securely store details of credit cards, loyalty cards, and other payment-related data on the device. Google did not reveal the timeline of Android Pay’s rollout but said it would be available on Google Play for download soon.

5. Google Now on Tap

Google’s virtual assistant is arguably one of Android’s best features and it’s going to get even better in Android Marshmallow. Now you’ll be able to get useful, contextual information on anything you have currently running on your phone screen. So if you’re watching a video on YouTube, simply hold down on the home button to find out more information about someone in the video. Another example where on Tap could be useful is getting restaurant suggestions when you’re talking about going out for dinner in a text message conversation.

Other additional Google Now improvements include the ability to say ‘OK Google’ wherever you are in the Android operating system.

6. Chrome Custom tabs 

Chrome Custom Tabs Will Add Easy And Rich Web Content To Any App With Chrome Capabilities . Chrome Custom Tabs will allow apps to open a customized Chrome window on top of the active app, instead of launching the Chrome app separately. This will provide a faster and more intuitive user-experience when navigating between apps and the web.


6. USB Type C

USB Type-C will turn your phone into a battery pack to charge other phones With a two-way USB Type-C cable, you could quickly “lend” a friend’s dying smartphone some quick power. Smartwatches could also adopt USB Type-C ports instead of using proprietary wireless charging docks and be recharged from your smartphone when they’re running low on power.

7. Direct Share and Floating Toolbar

Two small but nontheless smart new additions, Direct Share can learn who you share content with frequently from different apps and turn the process into the press of a single button. With the floating toolbar, it’ll also improve the way you can copy and paste content from web pages or documents.

Android M 17

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