Nexus 5 standby time increased alot in Android M


Google puts lots of efforts to enhance battery life in every Android version but in Android M the specialized Doze mode add lots of juices to the battery .
So how Doze mode works ?Android shuts down processes in certain apps to reduce battery drain ,the new feature uses motion sensors to detect when a device hasn’t been moved for an extended period. Android will then automatically shut down processes for certain power-hogging apps, which should significantly extend the device’s battery life. It goes is more deeper sleep in Android M .



As you can see in above stats the comparison is between Android 5.1.1 and Android M developer preview 1 . Android 5.1.1 drains 4% in 8 hours whereas Android DP 1 just drained 1.5%  and after 24 hours Android 5.1.1 version drained 12 % and Android M version just drained 4.%  . In 48 hours Lollipop version drained 24% and Android M version drained just 9% that’s so impressive isn’t it ? . Projected maximum standby hours is 200 hours in Android 5.1.1 and 533 hours in Android M DP 1 .

This is definitely major improvement in Android M , So what you think about this improvement ? Let us know in comments below .

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