Microsoft’s Cortana for Android coming in July

Since very long time we are knowing Microsoft’s Cortana would be arriving for Android . Microsoft updated the details in their official blog post that the beta version of Cortana will be available to test in starting July .

Cortana is like personal assistant like how Google Now.

Here’s what Microsoft says about Cortana :


-Your Microsoft account helps keep your personal assistant connected to you across device experiences, whether on your PC, phone or Xbox One. Cortana’s Notebook will be available across your devices to keep track of details important to you. Cortana only knows what you want her to know and you are fully in control of how you use her across devices.

-On Xbox One, Cortana knows your friends and makes it easy to invite them to play with you through simple voice commands. If you want to record and share a clip of your game play, you can use Cortana to precisely control the length of the recording and quickly share it with your friends without leaving your game. Cortana will also help you find information about games, such as the release date of an upcoming game, or help you get achievements by surfacing videos and information to help you succeed.

-On your Android phone you can ask Cortana to remind you to walk the dog at 8pm in the evening, and then when you’re watching a movie your Xbox will interrupt playback to let you know it’s time to take the dog out.

-You can ask Cortana questions and she’ll give you answers, using the same natural language, regardless of which device you’re on. Want to know the weather tomorrow? Just ask Cortana from any device.
Cortana can help you search for what matters most on the device you’re using. On your Windows PC, you can use natural language to ask Cortana to help you find recent documents and pictures.  On your Xbox One, you can use natural language to ask Cortana to find a friend online or record a game DVR clip.

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