Cloudwalker Smart Cloud TV makes content discovery Effortless

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Everybody is interested in video contents available on the Internet in this digital Era but sometimes searching the content that takes your time and it kills off your mood. CloudWalker Smart TV makes this process a lot snappier by providing  Live TV + Content discovery platforms on one screen. It makes it possible by its own Content discovery Engine. It smartly fetches free, freemium and premium contents directly in one screen.

CloudWalkers Content Discovery engine is completely user-friendly to even non-geeky users. I personally had hands-on experience and I must admit the UI and UX beats all leading Smart TVs, So what do you think if I mean “beats all leading Smart TVs”? Well, it means anybody from child to older people can operate smoothly.

You don’t need to switch ports to stream live tv or viewing online contents from Netflix, Youtube and etc. It is integrated with Dolby Digital sound for a remarkable sound experience. This smart tv is equipped with Bluetooth, Dual Wi-fi with 5 Ghz and Airplay. Android users can use their official CShare application from Play Store that smartly manages & connects Android or IOS mobile phone or tablet to the TV, facilitating users to play videos, music & photos from the mobile gallery on TV.

CloudWalker TV’s  Super remote with Air mouse functionality for better navigation on to the TV. It is integrated with IR function to instantly operate complete functions of the TV like changing channels, engaging contents, browsing the internet and different functions.

CloudWalker smart TV comes with inbuilt Playstore so you can download apps and explore on the tv also you can sideload app files and it meets your Android needs as well.
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Conclusion :

I want to particularly specify my hands-on experience with CloudWalker Smart cloud TV is the relaxed switching between the Live TV, Content discovery and Android experience. You just have to search the content you need and Yay! It’s front of you.

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