Samsung launches it’s new innovation QLED TV in India

Finally, Samsung has launched its premium QLED TV in India.


So as we have seen Plasma-LCD-LED-OLED and now we have QLED means Quantum dots TV so what is QLED ?

Samsung has made QLED TVs based on Quantum dots technology that is basically nano-sized particles that turns light into color. It gives 100% color volume compared to OLED TVs even with full brightness with up to 2000 nits because Technically OLED TV reduces color volume with its full brightness.

All one One Remote

Samsung new QLED TV says bye to multiple remote whether it’s your gaming console or media player, It can control almost any media devices. Samsung always tries to make everything smart so additionally it has auto detection method to find out which device is connected to the HDMI slot and it will automatically give the matching icon and names for e.g. “Xbox”.

How does it look?

As far as design concerns Samsung has given nearly bezel-less display and No-gap wall mount plus it features invisible cable which will seamlessly go in given place that beautifies your home experience as well and you won’t be having so many cables like OLD TVs.

Available models?

Samsung has 5 QLED Models in India Q7, Q7F, Q8, Q8C, and Q9 that ranges from Rs 3,14,900 and up to Rs 24,99,900 and you can purchase later this month. Samsung is also giving free Samsung galaxy S8+ gold who pre-books the QLED TV between May 2 -21.


QLED TV is perfection to real life experience.

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