Jio smart car connect router is on the way for car owners

Jio smart car connect or you can call car router

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Gaurav chaudhary from Technical Guruji posted a video today on Youtube and confirmed the product with features, I believe the official name of the product will be Jio Car Connect as reported before by other media channels in recent months.

Top features:-
1- Track your car from your smartphone
2- See detailed analysis of your driving skills
3-Add alerts for if your car crosses defined location
4-Use Jio car connect device as a wifi router ( Icing on the cake 😛 )

So which cars are compatible, and price?

BS2 cars will be fully compatible still you can confirm with your mechanic. Jio smart car connect should be selling in between 2000-3000 rupees (We have to wait for the official announcement).

What do you think about Jio Car Connect device? Do let us know in comments below.


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