Logitech today announced celebrating its second annual ‘Work
From Home Week’ (#WFHWeek) from October 8-12, 2018.

The company recognizes 10
October as its Global “Work From Home Day” and employees around the globe will be
encouraged to work from home on this day.

The initiative by Logitech is to highlight the benefits of working from home on the
employers, employees, and the planet. Global Workplace Analytics shows that working from
home can lead to increased productivity, improved employee morale, higher talent
retention rates and more.

Announcing the initiative, Sumanta Datta, Managing Director and Cluster Head, India,
Indonesia and South West Asia, Logitech, said, “Our task-force of people in India, Indonesia,
Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal & Bangladesh will be encouraged to work from home for the
entire week. We believe #WFHWeek will not only add to the average productivity of the
employees but also lower load on public infrastructure, thereby reducing emissions and
creating carbon savings. We are also reaching out to all our partners to join us in this
initiative to make a difference to our people and our planet.”

In 2017, #WFHWeek participants saved more than 60,000 kg of CO2 by working from home.
That’s the equivalent of nearly 250,000 kilometres driven in a standard car – and it equals
approximately six times the circumference of Earth. Not only this, Logitech employees also
saved an average of 90 minutes of their daily commute which added to increased
productivity through video conferencing and other collaboration tools used during that
During the #WFHWeek 2018, Logitech employees will be operating through Logitech’s new
range of webcams and conference cameras (conference-cams) including Logitech BRIO &
Logitech MeetUp and other intuitive products for seamless working to ensure ‘its business
as usual’.

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