You can delete sent messages on messenger soon

Evidence indicates that Facebook Messenger will soon offer the option to delete the sent message.

Everyone has ever experienced this situation where you send a message to someone before you realize that it contains a gross error or, worse, that it was sent to the wrong person. You no longer have to live with the eternal remorse of such a disaster, messaging services like Gmail offer to cancel some sent messages. As an example, we can also mention WhatsApp.

And it seems that the very famous platform Facebook Messenger is about to start. Indeed, Jane Manchun Wong, famous on the web for discovering new features in the code of several applications, revealed that the online mail service was finally working on the cancellation of sent messages. She even shares some screenshots.

In a response to her initial tweet, Jane Manchun Wong also said that this feature will be available within a certain period of time after sending the message, without specifying the exact time.

This is not surprising, it is common to see a time limit imposed on this kind of options to avoid deleting a message – and thus altering a conversation – one or two days after sending. It will also be impossible to delete a message after it has been read for obvious reasons of understanding.

It is not known at all when this feature will be available to users, and a Facebook spokesman told TechCrunch that “Facebook is testing products and features internally before being introduced to the public so that they can ensure the quality of the experience.”

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